convention report:
1999 Highlander Clan Cruise

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Peter Wingfield

Peter Wingfield, his own lovely self. My picture numbers are sadly limited right now, due to a sob story with b&w developing, but there will be more anon.

These pictures are Way Too Big. I've left them Too Big because I'm rashly assuming people favor More Peter over More Speed. If I'm wrong, email me, or remember that you can look at all the photos individually from the photo thumbnails page.

Peter Wingfield
Peter and Deb Morgan (I believe), grinning over a new Leah Rosenthal cartoon.

Peter Wingfield
Peter and Deb again; it's a lovely picture of Deb, and I wish I'd gotten her more in the picture frame. Hmph.

Peter Wingfield
Not a stunningly brilliant picture, but I keep envisioning him playing with Baby Wingfield with that expression on his face . . . :)

Peter Wingfield
He looks cheerful for a guy who's about to be stabbed in the throat with the Finger of Doom!

I had a knack for getting pictures of Peter with his eyes closed, this year. Ah well.

Peter and Maureen
This, and some of the next ones, are not really such great pictures, but they're having so much *fun*. :) I have no clue what was so incredibly funny, but Maureen is about to pop something. :)

Peter and Stan
I think here Stan was giving a thoughtful answer and everybody else was being flippant. :)

Peter Wingfield
Peter's turn to give a thoughtful answer. He is SO CUTE. Ahem.

Peter Wingfield
This is not really a good picture, but he's just got /such/ a great smile . . . .

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