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  • Miramax Film Studios
      It is damned near impossible to find Miramax's address, I discovered. Thanks, however, to a friend who knew a search engine I didn't, I have here a whole list of addresses, none of which came with an email address and only one of which has a fax number. What the hell: fax them.

    • Miramax International
      The Directors Guild of America Building
      Los Angeles, CA 90046
      Phone (213) 845-4200; Fax (213) 845-4216

    • Miramax Films Inc
      (323) 951-4200
      7966 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90048
      (This appears to be the main address, but I'm not sure.)

    • Miramax Films
      (323) 462-0192
      7080 Hollywood Blvd Fl 4, Los Angeles CA 90028

    • Dimension Films
      (818) 997-8065
      15007 Gault St, Van Nuys CA 91405
      (Dimension Films are presumably the Miramax division who are going to be distributing HL4, since they're 1: the genre division of Miramax, and 2: the ones whose web pages mention HL4, which is as of this writing [at 11:12pm on January 11, 2000], titled A New Order.)

    • I found an email address: MMX_Webmaster_M@Miramax.com.

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