convention report:
1999 Highlander Clan Cruise

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Jim "Jaysus, it's himself!" Byrnes

Jim Byrnes, the sexiest man on the cruise. I should have more photos when I get the rest of my b&w film developed. Tell me if I need to increase the size/Jim content of these photos.

Jim Byrnes
Jim and the Jim Byrnes Band, playing on Friday night.

Jim Byrnes
The man himself, makin' music for us.

This was during the Jim-and-Peter Best Of; it was probably taken while Armegeddon was the topic of discussion. They weren't serious during much else.

Jim and Peter laughing lots
Hands down the best shot I took on the cruise: Peter and Jim laughing uproariously over something. I can't remember what anymore, but *damn*. Aren't they just gorgeous?

Jim being a ham. This was during the talk about Indiscretions and Methos and Joe being a good team. :)

The panel shots are being put in here, 'cuz I don't have enough of Bill and David and Stan to make it worth giving them their own pages. This is David Abramowitz answering a question early on -- I think the one about the historical/mythological/heroic aspects of Highlander -- while Bill upstages him by whispering to Jim.

Bill Panzer, David Abramowitz, Jim Byrnes, Peter Wingfield, and Stan Kirsch, all of whom are having fun except Stan, apparently . . . I think this was during the question of 'what award would you like to win', but I could be totally wrong. Whatever it was, David, Jim and Peter were talking over each other. :)

Bill Panzer
Bill Panzer, being very very very careful while answering questions about Highlander: World Without End.

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